Fotona 4D Face Lift

Fotona 4D Face Lift is a non-invasive laser treatment that enables tightening and wrinkle reduction without injections.

Our skin ages for a variety of factors, one is the natural ageing process. As a result of ageing, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity.  Exposure to the sun, smoking, frowning, and bad diets can all contribute to premature ageing of skin. These things result in wrinkles beginning to appear on the skin. One of the safest and efficient methods of anti-ageing medicine is laser rejuvenation.

The Fotona 4D Face Lift uses two laser wavelengths, Er:YAG and Nd:YAG, and 4 treatment modes to provide an effective anti-ageing treatment. The laser works on superficial imperfections on the skin as well as the deeper connective structure of the skin in order to provide you with your best treatment.

For more information on the Fotona 4D Face Lift process and benefits, please click here.

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About Your Treatment

  • Procedure Time | 45-60 Minutes
  • Anaesthetic | Topical
  • Risks & Complications | Redness & skin irritation
  • Back to Work | Immediate
  • Full Recovery | Immediate
  • Results | Visible immediately optimal results a series of 3 treatments, 3 weeks apart