About Emily-Rose Health

Emily-Rose is a private executive health clinic that provides women’s health services with additional medical aesthetic treatments.

Named after three inspirational women from Tracey McGowan’s life, Founder of Emily-Rose Executive Health,  the clinic honours Tracey’s mother and two daughters.

Sadly, Tracey lost her mother to breast cancer when she was young.  Her mother delayed treatment as she was busy, scarred and embarrassed to visit a physician, which may have helped her to overcome her condition if she had see a doctor early on. Despite knowing this, similar to her mother, Tracey found herself delaying her own health checks too.

“I was always late because of work commitments and couldn’t get in for a doctors appointment, which often meant I’d have to visit a drop-in clinic. When I finally went in for my overdue women’s health check. I was placed in a room with curtains that didn’t quite close and paint peeling off the walls. It became clear why I had left my appointment so long since my last health exam – I deserve better than this, women deserve better than this!”

At first Tracey wondered if she was feeling overly-sensitive and questioned if other women felt the same.

“I conferred with female friends and colleagues and reviewed the literature. My research concluded that women find women’s health checks, breast exams, and pap smears inconvenient, embarrassing and scary. I’m going to change that. I want to create a safe space where women can relax in a soothing, friendly environment and discuss the entire range of their health and medical concern – this will ultimately improve their quality of life.”

Tracey McGowan, Founder of Emily-Rose Executive Health, is a Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners are health care providers with a clinical Masters degree who are educated to assess, diagnose, treat, order diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, make referrals to specialists and manage overall health care needs. 

With a focus on wanting to help other women find their strength as she did, and to continue her own personal growth journey in the medical field, Mel McCartney was honoured to become a partner in Emily-Rose Health in 2017.