Emily-Rose Mission and Vision Statement



At Emily-Rose Health, we are committed to elevating the women’s health and aesthetic experience in Calgary through a holistic approach, women caring for women. We provide women with individualized plans, inclusive of health and beauty solutions, encompassing both treatment and education, to enhance beauty inside and out.


Emily Rose Executive Health Inc. is dedicated to providing a memorable experience for Executive Women through an exceptional service experience. We will go the extra mile to accomplish our mission with passion, expert advice, and the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Emily-Rose Health will be a leader in providing inspired health, beauty and wellness solutions, creating a community of women who feel beautiful inside and out.


Care is provided in a luxurious, calming and ambient environment where women feel relaxed, pampered and supported. Care is aimed at elevating the individual senses. Sound: Soft ambient music is used to help relax and nourish the soul. Smell: aromatic essential oils are used to enhance both ambiance and wellness. Taste: Cool fruit infused waters or herbal teas are offered, and Touch: the power of touch is used to enhance comfort and healing.

“Our goal is to empower women to make informed decisions about their health, by providing personalized health assessment, therapeutic options and education in an informative and integrated health environment. It is felt that by creating an open yet intimate environment where women feel pampered and comfortable we can foster these important conversations and aid in the individual decisions towards optimal health.”Tracey McGowan & Mel McCartney