Meet Mel McCartney

Mel & husband Gary with their four beautiful children Nathan, Aaron, Jess & Jake

Mel has been always had a love for dedicating her time to helping people. At the age of 17, Mel pursued this passion through nurse training after completing her formal education in the UK. A love for adventure and new experiences drove Mel, her husband, and first son to explore the world, where they lived in Abu Dhabi for 3 years, where she gained experience in dealing with women and multi-cultures in the NICU, whilst completing her BSc. Hons through distance learning. Shortly after their return from the UAE to the UK, the call for a new life in Canada was apparent, and they made the big move to Canada in 2001. Since moving to Calgary, Mel has expanded her family with four beautiful children and continued to enhance her passion and learning surrounding nursing, particularly through the specialties of ICU and Post-op Recovery.

In 2014, Mel was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and endured 6 challenging months of chemotherapy, followed by a double mastectomy and radiation therapy. Mel’s positive outlook and ability to overcome whatever life throws her way has only made her more focused on living life to the fullest and pursuing one’s passions to give back. With a focus on wanting to help other women find their strength as she did, and to continue her own personal growth journey in the medical field, Mel was honored to become a partner in Emily-Rose Health in 2017.