Bladder Conditions

Tracey McGowanGeneral Health

At Emily-Rose we diagnosis, treat, and educate patients with conditions affecting bladder. Worldwide, over 200 million people are living with urinary incontinence, these conditions affect over 50% of women between 45 and 55 yrs of age, and 30% under this age group suffer from some form of incontinence.

There are treatments available to help you with these conditions. Emily -Rose will provide holistic private and confidential assessment to address your concerns and come up with a treatment plan specific for you.

There are different types of incontinence, different causes therefor it it important to seek medical review to find the cause and best treatment plan for you.

Some treatments include

Behaviour modification – bladder retraining

Diet modification – eliminate bladder irritants

pelvic floor strengthening or relaxing – PFE

Vaginal cones/weights


Pelvic floor exercise stimulator

pelvic floor physiotherapy


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