Women’s preventative health : Anti-Aging Treatments

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Women’s preventative health

It is well documented that when you feel beautiful on the outside, it can affect how you feel on the inside and vice versa. Body image can affect women self esteem, mood and confidence. As a women gets older things change, the body starts to change both internally and externally. It is important to review the body/person as a whole in order to make a woman feel and be her best. This is not a standard treatment plan but a plan as individual as the woman herself.

We believe you deserve to look as natural and healthy as you can we will work with you to achieve this whether it be with vitamins, foods, exercises, new advanced creams and gels or with injectables. This is

At Emily -Rose we have Canadian approved certification both initial and advanced in Botox and fillers.Further studies are being undertaken with a further Masters degree to ensure that information and treatments provided are up to date with biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and anti-aging issues.

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